Before contacting support read these FAQ.

I’m a member but after login in I cannot open some chapters

Make sure you are logged out from all devices clear your browser History and Cache , refresh the page and login again using the link below:

I have an account but I can’t login

Make sure you are trying to login on the right URL we have 2 websites and only members of have access to both websites, check the confirmation link you received on your email for more details.

If you are accessing  on the correct URL try using your email as a username.

Make sure you also check your spam folder as well ,some emails will land there depending on your email provider.

I’ve signed up for but I want access to both sites

If you by mistake became a member of and now want access to you should reach us using the email below.

I need a test banks that is not listed on the website

Visit the request page on the menu to request a new test bank, you need to be logged in before requesting  a test bank, also we receive many requests every month, we do not guarantee that the test bank you requested will be added to the site but  we’ll do our best.

How can I become a member

To become a member visit the homepage or the menu and click Register button on the top of the page, you can open any test bank and there will be a link to the sign up page.

How do I find the list of test bank you have

To see the list of test banks we have available just visit the homepage or use the search bar of both websites


Use this email to contact us [email protected]  we usually reply within hours