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The price is reasonable, great variety of books, and the questions are great. However, it would be much more effective to do quizzes in some way that person will see the feedback and correct answer only after the quiz is done. Currently, if I want any of quizzes to be effective, I should copy and place the quiz into MS Word, make two identical copies of this document, and erase from one of them all the answers. Therefore, the initial work is required.

So far so good! Easy access and super helpful

by Success on NursingTestBank.info

Great tool for success in studying.

by countrynurse on NursingTestBank.info


The test bank is Awesome

The test bank is the key to my success

So far, so good! Very helpful and a great resource!

very helpful

so far a great tool worth investing.

by christina rodriguez on NursingTestBank.info

this is awesome and so helpful!! love it and will recommend to all my friends!

by malenurse on NursingTestBank.info

This is my 2nd review...sign on sign on sign on...you will never regret this site...if ur having problems logging on..contact the administrators. Use the rationals,read and assimilate, cuts ur study time by70%...trust me you will understand concepts better than folks that have been eating their textbooks. Why do I say that...bcos I'M A LIVING TESTIMONY

by Anonymous on NursingTestBank.info

Great resource

by Anonymous on NursingTestBank.info

Using this material to help enhance your studying is highly recommended. I personally do 500+ questions to help me study material for exams from all sources, which has provided me with the right tools needed to excel in my classes as well as better prepare for the Hesi exams as well. I highly recommend signing up and utilizing this resource.

by Dncgrl863 on NursingTestBank.info

Great study guide for my nursing exams! Has all of the current editions for my books except one, but they do have an older version, so I can't really complain. Worth every penny.

This site is super helpful in the explanations/rationals of difficult concepts that may be asked on exams for nursing. This has been a lifesaver! Customer service is super helpful and very prompt. The only downside I see to this website is that it could you an upgrade on the server because it tends to be buggy at times (logged on, but being told one is not logged on). Keep up the great work!

by Gettinggoalsaccomplished....... on NursingTestBank.info

Awesome, a life saver.... Keep up the good work....

by Anonymous on NursingTestBank.info

Great explanations!

Lots of the questions on my exams are pulled directly from here, and the explanations are spot on!

by Warrior on NursingTestBank.info

The rationals are super helpful!

by Caireann on NursingTestBank.info

I love that the questions have the rationale listed. I find this extremely helpful. Please try to get the newer editions of the banks listed. This is an extremely helpful study tool.

by bkncrete on NursingTestBank.info

Purchased an account on 17 January. Today 31 Jan I could not log on. I have a crucial test tomorrow. so after every attempt to log on I purchased another logon because its that important i study. STILL CANT ACCESS THE site. This site is pretty worthless if i can't get on it to study when i need to.

by FacetoFace on NursingTestBank.info

It's a great study guide when you can access them!!

test bank very helpful

by Teemajek on NursingTestBank.info

A lots of nursing books missing !

This website literally prepares you for the tests, both physically and mentally. Additionally, these kinds of critical thinking questions are really helpful for the test.

by Chilled Carrot on NursingTestBank.info

Great site. One flat price offers endless study material. Helps me find out what I don't know in order to pinpoint what to study. Excellent resource.

I love it! Super helpful. I love how there are so many questions, that they include a rationale, pg numbers of where to find that information, and the objective the question is referring too. Such a great study tool, really helps you to see how material can be formed into a test question. I have had some and some similar questions show up on multiple exams.

by ivanauskene on NursingTestBank.info

erfect site, very helpful!!!!!

helpful stufy guides.... hoping most questions will be ony exam. lol

Best study guide ever

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