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by Teemajek on NursingTestBank.info

A lots of nursing books missing !

This website literally prepares you for the tests, both physically and mentally. Additionally, these kinds of critical thinking questions are really helpful for the test.

by Chilled Carrot on NursingTestBank.info

Great site. One flat price offers endless study material. Helps me find out what I don't know in order to pinpoint what to study. Excellent resource.

I love it! Super helpful. I love how there are so many questions, that they include a rationale, pg numbers of where to find that information, and the objective the question is referring too. Such a great study tool, really helps you to see how material can be formed into a test question. I have had some and some similar questions show up on multiple exams.

by ivanauskene on NursingTestBank.info

erfect site, very helpful!!!!!

helpful stufy guides.... hoping most questions will be ony exam. lol

Best study guide ever

by NurseEmoji on NursingTestBank.info

So far I'm loving the test banks!! Nothing wrong yet, we will see after my exam.

by Anonymous on NursingTestBank.info

Awesome source of knowledge, and study tool!

Great site for students

Great resource!

by glinehan01 on NursingTestBank.info

I would give a #5 review except, Pharmacology for Nurses 5th Edition by Adams is not available on your site. Please add!!!

Help me finished the program

This is a great site for Student Nurses.

helped me pass my RN final

I like using these questions as a study guide, the rationales give me a better understanding as why the answer is right.

by zethanialdelwin on NursingTestBank.info

I accessed and used this site to assist a family member in the nursing program. I believe that by having access to the actual test bank I can help her do a better job of learning and grasping the key concepts she needs in order to be a better nursing student and to help her gain mastery over the materials presented because most professors do not do a very good job of teaching to the test.

by Anonymous on NursingTestBank.info

I request a book(psychiatric mental health nursing by Sheila L VedebeckEd7th and I didn't get a response. I will love to give a five but I can't until I get a response

Great study site, but it keeps locking me out of some chapters. even after paying "twice" as a VIP member. I would appreciate if it's fixed.

by Lonewolf on NursingTestBank.info

This is a great site to study! Money well spent.

Worth the money!

I just finished my first semester of nursing school, and i had an A. I used this website along with my textbook, and it was very helpful!

Helped a lot, because I was able to to pass all my tests. thanks a million

The best study site ever, a friend recommend me to the site and I have been hooked ever since.

by Success on NursingTestBank.info

This site is quite the best. It helps me know the material better and the rationales help see your why it's right. I really appreciate this site. AWESOME SITE!!!

Awesome site highly recommended

by A Student on NursingTestBank.info

This site is good for additional study. You should never rely on just studying on this site. Study your books plus add this site. It will give you better understanding on the material taught by your teacher. Good luck.

by Frannie05 on NursingTestBank.info

You guys are awesome!

by Struggling student on NursingTestBank.info

This site is really a great tool to use. I have seen some questions from this site on actual tests and the rationales are great! I do have a lot of trouble requesting test banks I paid for a VIP membership but a lot of the chapters wont allow me to access the test bank stating it is for VIP customers only, so I hope that will get fixed sooner than later but over all its a pretty good tool to have.

by TiigerFan on NursingTestBank.info

Been Very Helpful this semester

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